San Juans: Wetterhorn and Uncompahgre (July 10, 2015)

Having run out of 14ers that were of the shorter driving distance from Denver, it was time to start journeying to the San Juans in the southwest corner of Colorado.

The drive out was a bit longer than planned due to construction on US 50 between Poncha Springs and Gunnison.  Added a solid hour onto our trip.  Fortunately, we had left earlier than anticipated which gave us plenty of daylight to get to camp.

The majority of the drive to the Matterhorn Creek Trailhead is pretty easy from Lake City.  The last half mile or so has a few challenging sections though.  With the rain and my unwillingness to risk too much damage to my car, we parked just above the 4WD turnoff after spinning my tires on a rocky section.  Not worth it for a half mile.
The 3 AM wake-up call came quick and we were on the trail by 4 AM heading towards Wetterhorn.  We made fast work of the early trail in the dark, hitting treeline in 45 minutes.  It was still dark, but we were starting to see the peaks in the early morning shadows.

Wetterhorn in the early morning light

Wetterhorn in the early morning light.

The peak’s rise from the valley is stunning and truly a sight to behold.  It almost seems as if a strong wind out of the south could topple the peak.  The terrain here is an interesting mix of rock, grass, and trail.  Not quite scree, not quite smooth trail.  There is still quite a bit of snow left in the basin, but the trail is largely clear.  Only one snow crossing around 13,000 got the blood pumping a bit.

Crossing snow just below 13,000 feet.

Crossing snow just below 13,000 feet.


Rock hopping and finding Columbines.

We were on the ridge about 1:45 after we started.  The sun was beginning to illuminate our remaining route.  A dusting of snow had fallen overnight,  but nothing that created any problems.  There were clouds to our south and west but they seemed to be relatively stationary and did not look threatening.

The wind had however picked up and the temperatures were still cool (in the 30s?) so we put on our shells to break the wind and our helmets to be prepared for the upcoming class 3 section.

Sunrise in the mountains...never beaten.

Sunrise in the mountains…never beaten.

We started our way towards the summit.  We only had 1,000 feet left to gain and the prospect of summiting before 7 was exciting considering we still had to trek across the basin and climb Uncompahgre.

The ridge is a mix of hiking and class 2 terrain until you get to the last couple hundred feet.      As you approach The Prow, the fun begins.  We were able to pick our route pretty easily.  The rock is solid and the snow added a little spice to it, but was negligible over all.  We didn’t need any traction etc.


The Prow in the foreground. Summit in the back.

IMG_1053 IMG_1056 IMG_1058

As we worked our way through the sections, we were having so much fun that we lost track of how close to the summit we were.  All of the sudden, Kris took a step and he was on top of the peak.  It was 6:30 AM, the sun was filling in the basin, clouds clung to the basin to our northwest and the views of the surrounding peaks were incredible.  Wisps of clouds floated in all direction, but lacked intent. Uncompahgre was creating its own cloud, but it seemed peaceful as well.

_MG_8004 _MG_8005 _MG_8007

We took a minute to call our wives, grabbed some food and headed down.  It was going to be a full day and with the clouds, we didn’t want to lose too much time.  Down climbing the class 3 terrain was pretty straight forward.  A lot of “butt-scootin” what the snow, but nothing too sketchy.

Marmots playing tag!

Marmots playing tag!

Once we hit the 13,000 foot ridge, we picked up the pace knowing that we had rolling terrain for the next 4 miles.  We picked up a faint trail that took a tangent to connect with the stock trail to take us to the base on Uncompahgre.  The views in the basin are sweeping  and impressive.  Rolling meadows filled with flowers gives way to the steep walls of Uncompahgre and a canyon to the north.

_MG_8022 _MG_8016 _MG_8017

We reached the point where our stock trail joins the standard trail on Uncompahgre a little less than 2 hours after leaving the 13,000 foot ridge on Wetterhorn.  Happy with our speed, we began climbing towards the 14,309 foot summit.  Despite being a class 2 climb, the summit of Uncompahgre is guarded by steep rock faces.  The route to the peak initially meanders a bit to position the trail for one of the access gullies to the summit.

IMG_1087 IMG_1084

The trail is excellent as we approach the summit.  Just below 14,000 feet, it starts to fade into rock and class 2 terrain.  However, it is still relatively easy to follow.  This is the 6th highest summit in Colorado and 9th highest in the lower 48.  I was bonking pretty hard as we approached the summit.  Reaching the summit here was much more challenging than Wetterhorn or most of the other 14ers I had done.  Talking with another hiker and he had experienced similar difficulties as well.  Was it the elevation?  Mileage?

We summited at 10:30 AM.  6.5 hours and 10.75 miles into our day.  The summit had cleared, but now it was Wetterhorn’s turn to be in a cloud.  The sky still did not look threatening, but clouds were definitely starting to fill in.


Looking back at Wetterhorn.


View to the northwest.

We spent a little bit of time relaxing on the summit.  The legs definitely felt the day’s effort and we still had 8 more miles to go.  Throw in about 500 feet of climbing and we were about to enter the hurt box.

Clouds started to move in with moisture as we dropped below 14,000 feet so we took a faint trail around 13,300 that cut off 0.75 miles.  As we got back down to the basin, it started to rain lightly and the sky filled in with gray.


Rain coming, but no lightning!

Once in the basin, we got our rain coats on just in case the deluge came, but it never did.  We worked our way back to the high point of the pack trail around 15 miles.  Along the way we picked up another hiker who was meandering along the trail and wanted to hike faster. By the time we finished, we were very thankful that we had.  He told us stories of his climbs and how he wanted to finish before he was 60.  Can’t remember how many he had, but he’s close!  Somewhere in the high 40s/low 50s.

The last little bit down to the trailhead is a slog.  It had gotten warm after the rain and with the high mileage of the day, our bodies were breaking down.  Our pace stayed steady around 3 mph though and we got back to the car 9.5 hours after leaving it.

We grabbed our Snickers and Gatorade and collapsed to the ground.  Our legs were toast. We were toast.

Wetterhorn/Uncompahgre Stats
Elevation Gain: 6,407 feet
Mileage: 18.5 Miles
Total Time: 9:30
Average Speed: 1.9 mph

The GPX file for this trip is attached to the Trip Report:

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Week 26-Week 29

Summer has finally rolled around and with it has come a welcome increase in miles.  My left hamstring has been bugging me as well, so running has been tapered back for the time being.

Week 26 (May 11-17): 75.7 miles RIDE, 0 miles RUN
Week 27 (May 18-24): 67.1 miles RIDE, 0 miles RUN
Week 28 (May 25-31): 63.9 miles RIDE, 0 miles RUN
Week 29 (June 1-7): 120.9 miles RIDE, 0 miles RUN – Elephant Rock 100k Ride

RUN: 54.7 miles
BIKE: 883.5 miles

As we progress into the more focused and specialized stage of training, I want to take a post to focus on this year compared to last as well as my first road ride (Elephant Rock 100K).

2014 v. 2015 (As of June 7)
2014 Bike Miles: 1,007 miles
2015 Bike Miles 883.5 miles

While there are less miles this year, I am confident that my fitness is better.  Many of the miles logged this year are more structured and focused on longer rides  Last year, I was commuting and a lot of my miles were from shorter rides of 8-10 miles.  For comparisons sake:

In 2014, I had 35 rides of 10+ miles and 7 rides of 20+ miles as of this date.
In 2015, I have 43 rides of 10+ miles and 13 rides of 20+ miles as of this date.

Also, my longest ride is farther.  In 2014, my farthest ride was 41 miles from Lakewood to Boulder.  This year, I’ve ridden 33 on the mountain bike and 60 miles on the roadie at Elephant Rock.


A few quick pictures from my May 23 ride in Breckenridge.  Beautiful day for a ride.  The weather was variable, a bit chilly, and had a bit of snow tossed in, but roads were mostly dry and it was great to be in the high country.



The top of Swan Mountain

IMG_0459 IMG_0458 IMG_0444 IMG_0481 IMG_0465 IMG_0439

Elephant Rock Recap (
As I’ve continued to grow in my cycling, there was a gap in my riding experience: a road ride.  I had the opportunity to be an ambassador for Elephant Rock which involved posting ERock information and my riding stories to Facebook.  I enjoyed the opportunity as it not only allowed me to ride ERock, but to also dig deeper into the road riding world.  A place unfamiliar to me.

Leading into ERock, my training was becoming increasingly organized but still not where it needed to be.  I was bit nervous at how my body would respond to 60 miles.

Turns out, I was ready to roll.  I was hoping to finish around 4 hours and was able to complete the course in 3:34 (a bit longer if you count the rest stop that was extended due to the train, but still under 4!).  My average speed was 16.9 mph and I closed the last 5 miles or so averaging around 22 mph.  I rode with Jon and Erin Delk (although Jon left us early on to take the full century route) and we both felt as though we still had a bit left in the tank.  I’m OK with that though as the main purpose of ERock for me was to figure what I’m capable of and to start to gauge my gas tank for the upcoming racing season.

Elephant Rock is a great ride if you’re considering it.  The course is well marked and provides a variety of different terrain challenges.  The first half of the 100k was mostly rolling hills.  We had about 2,000 feet of gain by the 30 mile (50Kish) mark.  The back half  has less climbing, but closes with a decent climb up Tomah Hill that is about 3 miles long and climbs 400 feet or so.  The event takes great care of you and is incredibly well supported.  Looking forward to returning next year!

IMG_0652 IMG_0654 IMG_0656 IMG_0659

There have been quite a few other highlights in the past month!


Closing out our time in the suburbs with one last ride up Coalton. It’s been a good climb to us!


Excited to be back in Denver and have this view from City Park again.


Rain has been a constant this May and June. Making some of the major paths unrideable at times. (Picture taken from twitter…not mine)


Back on top of our favorite ride: Evergreen Peak!


Confluence Park is a bit blown out.


Few things are as enjoyable as going biking with people learning to ride. Erin Moran hitting her first log here. Not phased at all!


Fresh paint!


Like I said…so happy to be back in Denver.


Trails in the foothills are mostly good to go. Some muddy spots around…ride through not around!


Cherry Creek Bike Park is green, mostly dry and ready to roll!


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Week 19 – Week 25

Its been a while since I’ve updated.  Over a month actually.  I blame track season.  It was (is…Day 2 of State is tomorrow…but things have quieted down) a great season but took a lot more out of me than past seasons.  At the end of the day, I love what I do.  And I love being on the the oval every day.

I’m going to use this a summary post to show whats been going on with my life.  I’ve been in ride whenever I can and however much I can mode for the last 6 weeks.  Between, track season, repeated doctor visits, and my sisters wedding, life has been busy!

Week 19 (March 23-29): 3.3 mi RUN, 23.8 mi RIDE
Week 20 (March 30-April 5): 0 mi RUN, 59 mi RIDE, 2D Snowboard
Week 21 (April 6 – 12): 2 mi RUN, 44 mi RIDE
Week 22 (April 13-19): 0 mi RUN, 23.1 mi RIDE
Week 23 (April 20-26): 6.5 mi RUN, 9.9 mi RIDE
Week 24 (April 27-May 3): 0 mi RUN, 59 mi RIDE
Week 25 (May 4 – 10): 2.6 mi RUN, 16 mi RIDE

RUN: 54.7 miles
BIKE: 555.9 miles

Thankfully, we’ve made “progress” on the chest pain and shortness of breath.  I had a stress test and spirometry done.  Both came back with me passing with flying colors so the doctor has confidently eliminated heart and lungs as the cause of my pain.  I still have the pain, but I’ve been very diligent about taking my NSAID and hoping that will help clear it up.  We are going to revisit it after the school year ends and life quiets down.  Hopefully, things work out!

More regular entries should resume now that track is over.  Hopefully health comes with it!


First flat in a while…I blame Google Maps for its dirt roading…


Anyone know the purpose of these?


Google Maps needs a road bike feature.


First time with this view of Stanley Lake. Beautiful.


Clear Creek was rushing!


Painted Bike Lanes = Awesome.


Squeezing in some work before the storms.


To ride this direction or not? I chose ride!


Flowers are out in bloom.


This is accurate for the past few weeks.


Beautiful day to ride home from Betasso.


Andy breaking in his new Remedy on Link Trail.


Andy’s new whip.


One last day on skis at Vail.


The Wall.

IMG_0060 IMG_0058 IMG_0055 IMG_0053 IMG_0010 IMG_0009

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Week 18: Chaos With a Strong Close

Weekly Summary
– Rough week for the schedule
– Got out for 2 hours on Sunday…woohoo!
– Starting to get excited for summer…Elephant Rock and LT100!

Monday (3/16): 11.6 mi. RIDE, 1 mi RUN
Tuesday (3/17): OFF
Wednesday (3/18):
11.6 mi RIDE
Thursday (3/19):
Friday (3/20):
OFF (Track Meet)
Saturday (3/21):
OFF (Track Meet)
Sunday (3/22):
21.3 mi RIDE

RUN: 1 miles
BIKE: 44.7 miles

2015 TOTALS:
RUN: 40.3 miles
BIKE: 321.1 miles

Monday (3/16): 11.6 mi. RIDE, 1 mi RUN
Strong ride down BV2.  Little bit of running to map out a route as well for the team.  Loving the nice weather!

Tuesday (3/17): OFF

Wednesday (3/18): 11.6 m.
Legs are a bit crushed.  Took it slow today in hopes that they come back.  Not optimistic for any regularity of the next few days with track and the NCAA tournament (Xavier in particular).

Thursday (3/19): OFF
Friday (3/20): OFF (Track Meet)
Saturday (3/21): OFF (Track Meet)

Sunday (3/22): 21.3 mi RIDE:
One of those days where I just kept riding because it was fun.  It was initially a sufferfest with the Coalton Jeep Road climb, a stiff headwind, and dead legs from 16 hours on my feet in the previous 48 hours.  However, I kept telling myself that if I kept riding, it would feel better.  I was lying to myself until I got to the backside of Flatirons Vista.  Despite lacking any downhill ability, I had a blast rolling over the rocks and exploring the technical challenges.  It was a great way to spice up a long ride.  3 hours next week?

Good to be back on dirt!

Good to be back on dirt!

This is much better than defying death by dashing across HWY 93

This is much better than defying death by dashing across HWY 93

It's not biking season until you have to fix a disc brake!

It’s not biking season until you have to fix a disc brake!


This day a year ago...scrambling to finish our track meet.  We failed to do so.

This day a year ago…scrambling to finish our track meet. We failed to do so.

Always forget how great the view is over the first hump at Flatirons Vista

Always forget how great the view is over the first hump at Flatirons Vista

IMG_3962 IMG_3966

Ride Song of the Week:

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Week 16, Week 17: Settling Into the New Normal

Weekly Summary
– Starting to find my routine that works with track season
– Lots of PRs on the bike/CC Bike Path!
– Ride song of the week on the bottom!

Monday (3/2): OFF
Tuesday (3/3): 
3.3 miles RUN
Wednesday (3/4):
Thursday (3/5): 
2.7 miles RUN
Friday (3/6): 
11.6 miles BIKE
Saturday (3/7):
 13.1 miles BIKE
Sunday (3/8):
13.4 miles BIKE

Monday (3/9):
13.5 miles BIKE
Tuesday (3/10):
11.4 miles BIKE
Wednesday (3/11):
Thursday (3/12):
1.7 miles RUN
Friday (3/13):
Saturday (3/14):
11.5 miles BIKE
Sunday (3/15):
21 miles BIKE

Week 16: 6 miles RUN, 38.1 miles BIKE
Week 17: 1.7 miles RUN, 57.4 miles BIKE

RUN: 39.3 miles
BIKE: 276.4 miles

Tuesday, March 3, 2015:
Neighborhood run with the track team.  Running fitness is better.  I don’t notice much pain anymore in my neck etc.  However, the shortness of breath is persistent.  Went to physical therapy today to help with the nerves in my neck.  Main advice was to do traction every day.  My neck looks strong.  However, the PT was not optimistic this would fix all of my symptoms as he hadn’t seen them before.  I’m remaining hopeful as I like to make things difficult for doctors.

Thursday, March 5, 2015:
Typical run.  Nothing too much of note other than its brevity.  Always good to get out.

Friday, March 6, 2015:
Weather was beautiful, but the track hadn’t melted yet so no JV meet.  Took a trip down memory lane by biking from school to Union Station.  I miss that ride every morning.  So much better commuting on 2 wheels as opposed to 4.  I do not miss navigating Florida just east of Quebec during rush hour with more potholes than usual though.

Saturday, March 7, 2015:
Route: BV2.  Bicycle Village (BV) to Union Station where I catch the BV bus.  I will be friends with this route for the coming couple of months.  With the nice weather, I attacked the ride.  Having 30 minutes in between busses motivated me to get going too…  Door to door in 39:39, first time under 40!  Felt good, but definitely bonked at the end.  Needed more food!

Sunday, March 8, 2015:
Trails were unrideable without causing damage so I headed out on the road.  Felt pretty gassed and really out of sync climbing (even though the climbs were minor).  Had planned to go all the way into Boulder and south on Cherryvale, but I cut it short down Mcaslin.  3 days in a row of riding had taken its toll…but you gotta take advantage this time of year!

Monday, March 9, 2015:
I’m a big believer in teaching your body routine.  Traditionally, I take Monday’s off because the kids have their biggest workout of the week that day and it takes a while to get through.  However, C’s schedule has dictated otherwise lately.  It’s taken my body a bit to get adjusted to it.  Another trip down the BV2 route…another bonk.  Gotta figure out my nutrition during the day so I can finish these rides!  39:36 today.  3 second PR

Tuesday, March 10, 2015:
Boom!  Finally connected the dots for a good ride.  Route PR for BV2 at 36:11…massive 3:25 off my previous best.  Got to the bus as it was leaving and felt great.  Could have gone farther.

Thursday, March 12, 2015:
Legs have been crushed by Tuesday’s effort.  I was lazy when I got home and didn’t stretch.    Just did a quick run chatting with my athletes so I could shake out my legs.  It was tough…they dropped me frequently.

The finish line for BV2.

The finish line for BV2.

Saturday, March 13, 2015:
Wildly successful track meet today and dropped another PR down BV2.  34:10!  Helped big time by the 30 minute bus schedule again.  That’s a hell of a motivator.  Felt great.  Was on an emotional high with the PR/first time averaging over 20 mph on a decent ride.

Sunday, March 14, 2015:
Kinda Dirty Bismarck…Started off great with a nice dirt climb up the Coalton Jeep Road.  Then all of the good single track was closed so I went around on 128 and 93.  Couldn’t get back on til I was almost back to Superior.  Oh well.  It was a gorgeous day.  I had great music on and relatively loneliness on the trails.  Today was a day that reminds me why I bike.


Pavement on the fat tires.

IMG_3904 IMG_3901 2

Ride Music of the Week: 

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Week 15: Reaching for Routine

Weekly Summary:
– Track season started…so of course it won’t stop snowing.
– Some sense of routine this week…prioritizing training and “me” time
– Much more running than biking…got show kids the routes!

Monday (2/23): Off
Tuesday (2/24): 1.5 mile RUN
Wednesday (2/25): 2.2 mile RUN
Thursday (2/26):  Off
Friday (2/27): 1 mile RUN
Saturday (2/28): 3×10:00 Tempo RIDE
Sunday (3/1): 3 mile SNOWSHOE

RUN: 4.7 miles
BIKE: 19 miles

2015 TOTALS:
RUN: 31.6 miles
BIKE: 180.9 miles

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 – 1.5 mile RUN
Hodgepodge running day.  You grow to love these days as a coach.  Quick run over to Wetlands to check out the conditions there…no bueno.  Hard, rutted ice.  Ankle twisting heaven.  Back to Utah Park to measure out a 1000 meter loop.  At least had a decent idea of what would work.  Just ended up trimming down our 1200 meter loop to 1000.  Love running in this weather!

Wednesday, February 25,2015 – 2.2 miles RUN
Bring on the snow!  Sent the athletes out in decent conditions.  Light snow for the first 15 minutes…and then the front came through.  Finished the run with a 1 sided face-snow-beard…on the windy side of course.  Several athletes finished with newly whitened hair as the snow picked up.  Felt good and still enjoy this weather for running.

Friday, February 27, 2015 – 1 mile RUN
Quick run to map out the parking lot for our Mile Time Trial.  Quick 2 loops, which the kids promptly crushed me on.

Saturday, February 28, 2015 – 3×10:00 Tempo
Stats: Int1-131 bpm, Int2-139 bpm, Int3-147bpm
Felt strong.  Really enjoying this workout as a benchmark workout to track my growth.  Also discovered the Cyclometer App (  100 million times better than Strava Premium and only costs 5 bucks a YEAR as opposed to Strava’s 50+ bucks

Sunday, March 1, 2015 – 3 mile Snowshoe
Beautiful day outside of Ned.  Pictures to come later this week once I’ve cleaned them up.  PLENTY of snow up high.  Up to 4 feet in spots.  Just a quick hike up towards the Hessie trailhead until it was time to turn around.  Cross training is one of the most underrated parts of winter.  Snow is a close second…in the high country.  FREE THE ROADS!

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Weeks 11, 12, 13, 14: Struggling to get back on track

Weekly Summary:
– Life got crazy…bad combination with returning from chest pain diagnosis
– Weather has been great for some longish rides
– Chest pain is confirmed: Stenosis and Forminal Narrowing between the C3-C4-C5 nerves

Monday (1/26): Off
Tuesday (1/27): 12.5 mile BIKE
Wednesday (1/28): Weight Room
Thursday (1/29):  3.9 mile BIKE/12.2 mile BIKE
Friday (1/30): 5.4 mile BIKE (Mass Transit Enduro)
Saturday (1/31): 1.4 mile RUN
Sunday (2/1): Off

Monday (2/2): Off
Tuesday (2/3): Bodyweight Core Lift
Wednesday (2/4): 13.2 mile BIKE/Weight Room
Thursday (2/5): 3.0 mile RUN
Friday (2/6): Off
Saturday (2/7): 3.4 mile RUN
Sunday (2/8): Off

Monday (2/9): Off
Tuesday (2/10): 11.7 mile BIKE
Wednesday (2/11): Off
Thursday (2/12): 2.6 mile RUN
Friday (2/13): Off
Saturday (2/14): Snowboard, Crested Butte, 11,249 vertical
Sunday (2/15): Snowboard, Crested Butte, 10,660 vertical

Monday (2/16): 2 mile snowshoe
Tuesday (2/17): OFF
Wednesday (2/18): OFF
Thursday (2/19):
11.6 mile BIKE
Friday (2/20):
Saturday (2/21):
20 mile BIKE
Sunday (2/22):

Week 11: 1.4 miles RUN, 33 miles BIKE
Week 12: 6.4 miles RUN, 13.2 miles BIKE
Week 13: 2.6 mile RUN, 11.7 miles BIKE
Week 14: 0 mile RUN, 31.6 miles BIKE

2015 TOTALS:
Run: 27.2 miles
Bike: 161.9 miles

Been traveling the last 3 weekends.  Columbus.  San Francisco.  Crested Butte.  Consistency in training has been challenging to say the least.  It doesn’t help that the weekends keep being 60-70 degrees and I’m out of town for them.  Now it seems that winter has finally arrived with 6 inches of snow on Monday and 12 in+ in the forecast for this weekend.  Guess its time to finally get the trainer out of the closet.

With this being a 4 week entry, I’ll focus on the highlights.

Friday, January 30, 2014 (
Christine was up in Vail so she had the car today.  My job was to get from the house in Superior to school in Aurora by 7 AM.  I left the house at 5 AM for a quick 1.5 mile bike to the bus.


The completion of Stage 1.


Urban road/mountain biking.

Everything went smoothly up to that point.  Got in early enough to make it to Starbucks for a drink.  Always a treat to explore downtown at 6 AM in the morning.  As I was riding back to the Convention Center station, I saw my train coming the other way so I knew I was good on time.  Within a few minutes, I was on it and heading southbound.


The train dropped me off in the pre-dawn darkness and I made my way on the familiar 2 mile path towards school.  Ultimately, the trip took 1:47 and was enjoyable.  However, it will not be happening on a regular basis.

Saturday, February 7, 2015 (

Had a few extra minutes in SF after dropping off C for brunch.  I hadn’t realized how close we usually stay to Lombard street so I ran a loop up the hill towards it and then down the coast.  It was the only gorgeous day of the weekend.  Felt great and was pleasantly surprised at how smooth I was able to climb up the hill.



Yup…it’s steep. Stairs down the side make it easier.

Interesting thing happened on the long downhill.  As I reached the bottom, my chest pain reached one the highest levels its ever been.  Enough to freak me out a little bit, even though I’m confident its a nerve issue now.  However, as a reflected back on the run, I began to wonder if the pounding on the long, concrete downhill had caused me to somehow compact the nerve or impact it enough to cause pain.  The pain eased after a little bit of walking.

Long downhill runout to the water.

Long downhill runout to the water.

Ran up and over Fort Mason and got a great view of the bridge on the way home.  Finished with a good sweat (we don’t get that very often in the dry Colorado air).


Tuesday, February 10, 2015 (
With the days getting longer, I’m finally able to start squeezing in longer mountain bike rides at Coalton.  Took advantage of the dry weather to complete the first “Triple Gate.”  Felt good to get 2 climbs in as opposed to the usual out and back.

Legs felt strong and had several PRs on the first climb.  Got blown up by a hardtail and took a little offense to it so I matched him for a little while and had a strong finish.  Couldn’t keep up across the top though.  Gotta build that pedaling endurance to attack the flats.

Beautiful sunset to finish it up though.  Can’t ask for anything better.

IMG_3602 IMG_3604 IMG_3608

Presidents Weekend
Got to enjoy one of our favorite Colorado towns in Crested Butte.  The snow was not great, but we were still able to squeeze in a few bump runs and get a decent workout in.  Either way, always nice to be outside!


February 21, 2015: 3×10:00 Tempo @ >150 bpm
Getting back in the groove of things now that the parents have booked their flights.  I had definitely fallen into a little bit of a rut with the travel and constant doctor visits for my chest.  Now that we know what the pain is, I’ve scheduled a physical therapy appointment (PT…my favorite!  Somewhere Mike and Jody are laughing).  Hopefully, we can get a handle on the pain, but for now, I’m committing to work through because it won’t get worse.

I ate this workout up.  Look forward to coming back to it in a few weeks.  Would have liked to get my heart rate closer to 170, but struggled to do so.

Hopefully we can melt off the 14+inches of snow (still have 12+ hours to go) and I can get some solid riding in outside.  The forecast doesn’t look good though.  Either way…Elephant Rock in 104 days, Leadville in 174 days.  Lets go!



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