Le Cours de L’Amour 5K

Sticking with the short race them, Christine and I headed back to City Park for the 2nd part of the Resolution Series 5K.  Same course as last time…only on black top not snowpack.  I was hoping for a non-competitive PR (i.e. not high school or college).

The weather was beautiful, 46 degrees and perfect for racing.  Warm-up went smoothly and I was able to secure a decent starting position.  Shouldn’t have nearly as many people to dodge this time around.

The first 800 was aggressive, starting out below 6:00/mile, but eventually settling into 6:30 pace.  I was comfortably uncomfortably with the pace and felt like it was a good spot to be in terms of first mile pace and position.  We came through the 1st mile at 6:39, a bit faster than my 7:00 goal pace, but hey, I felt good!

2nd mile, everyone settled into their pace, I swapped places a couple times with another runner who passed me on the slight downhill after the mile mark.  I was able to pick him up for good on the hill approaching the 2 mile.  2nd mile down, 13:43 elapsed (7:03 2nd mile).


I was starting to hurt and my heart rate of 180 bpm was showing it.  That 2-2.5 mile stage of the race is where PRs are made though.  Mentally I focused and took my mind off the watch for a few minutes and just kept my eyes up on the next runner.  As we turned right towards the finish line with a half mile to go, I wasn’t sure I had it in me to attack the long straight to the finish but I just slowly increased the tempo as best I could.

It got ugly, but I was able to steadily bring the pace back down, lingering around 7:15 for much of it and closing the last 200 meters in 6:45.

26450_119363_1690As I crossed the finish line, the watch stopped at 21:39…a 2 second post-collegiate PR!

Christine would end up having much more fun than me but working just as hard!  She would bring home a pregnancy PR at 7 months pregnant!




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