Week 26-Week 29

Summer has finally rolled around and with it has come a welcome increase in miles.  My left hamstring has been bugging me as well, so running has been tapered back for the time being.

Week 26 (May 11-17): 75.7 miles RIDE, 0 miles RUN
Week 27 (May 18-24): 67.1 miles RIDE, 0 miles RUN
Week 28 (May 25-31): 63.9 miles RIDE, 0 miles RUN
Week 29 (June 1-7): 120.9 miles RIDE, 0 miles RUN – Elephant Rock 100k Ride

RUN: 54.7 miles
BIKE: 883.5 miles

As we progress into the more focused and specialized stage of training, I want to take a post to focus on this year compared to last as well as my first road ride (Elephant Rock 100K).

2014 v. 2015 (As of June 7)
2014 Bike Miles: 1,007 miles
2015 Bike Miles 883.5 miles

While there are less miles this year, I am confident that my fitness is better.  Many of the miles logged this year are more structured and focused on longer rides  Last year, I was commuting and a lot of my miles were from shorter rides of 8-10 miles.  For comparisons sake:

In 2014, I had 35 rides of 10+ miles and 7 rides of 20+ miles as of this date.
In 2015, I have 43 rides of 10+ miles and 13 rides of 20+ miles as of this date.

Also, my longest ride is farther.  In 2014, my farthest ride was 41 miles from Lakewood to Boulder.  This year, I’ve ridden 33 on the mountain bike and 60 miles on the roadie at Elephant Rock.


A few quick pictures from my May 23 ride in Breckenridge.  Beautiful day for a ride.  The weather was variable, a bit chilly, and had a bit of snow tossed in, but roads were mostly dry and it was great to be in the high country.



The top of Swan Mountain

IMG_0459 IMG_0458 IMG_0444 IMG_0481 IMG_0465 IMG_0439

Elephant Rock Recap (https://www.strava.com/activities/320455104)
As I’ve continued to grow in my cycling, there was a gap in my riding experience: a road ride.  I had the opportunity to be an ambassador for Elephant Rock which involved posting ERock information and my riding stories to Facebook.  I enjoyed the opportunity as it not only allowed me to ride ERock, but to also dig deeper into the road riding world.  A place unfamiliar to me.

Leading into ERock, my training was becoming increasingly organized but still not where it needed to be.  I was bit nervous at how my body would respond to 60 miles.

Turns out, I was ready to roll.  I was hoping to finish around 4 hours and was able to complete the course in 3:34 (a bit longer if you count the rest stop that was extended due to the train, but still under 4!).  My average speed was 16.9 mph and I closed the last 5 miles or so averaging around 22 mph.  I rode with Jon and Erin Delk (although Jon left us early on to take the full century route) and we both felt as though we still had a bit left in the tank.  I’m OK with that though as the main purpose of ERock for me was to figure what I’m capable of and to start to gauge my gas tank for the upcoming racing season.

Elephant Rock is a great ride if you’re considering it.  The course is well marked and provides a variety of different terrain challenges.  The first half of the 100k was mostly rolling hills.  We had about 2,000 feet of gain by the 30 mile (50Kish) mark.  The back half  has less climbing, but closes with a decent climb up Tomah Hill that is about 3 miles long and climbs 400 feet or so.  The event takes great care of you and is incredibly well supported.  Looking forward to returning next year!

IMG_0652 IMG_0654 IMG_0656 IMG_0659

There have been quite a few other highlights in the past month!


Closing out our time in the suburbs with one last ride up Coalton. It’s been a good climb to us!


Excited to be back in Denver and have this view from City Park again.


Rain has been a constant this May and June. Making some of the major paths unrideable at times. (Picture taken from twitter…not mine)


Back on top of our favorite ride: Evergreen Peak!


Confluence Park is a bit blown out.


Few things are as enjoyable as going biking with people learning to ride. Erin Moran hitting her first log here. Not phased at all!


Fresh paint!


Like I said…so happy to be back in Denver.


Trails in the foothills are mostly good to go. Some muddy spots around…ride through not around!


Cherry Creek Bike Park is green, mostly dry and ready to roll!


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