Week 15: Reaching for Routine

Weekly Summary:
– Track season started…so of course it won’t stop snowing.
– Some sense of routine this week…prioritizing training and “me” time
– Much more running than biking…got show kids the routes!

Monday (2/23): Off
Tuesday (2/24): 1.5 mile RUN
Wednesday (2/25): 2.2 mile RUN
Thursday (2/26):  Off
Friday (2/27): 1 mile RUN
Saturday (2/28): 3×10:00 Tempo RIDE
Sunday (3/1): 3 mile SNOWSHOE

RUN: 4.7 miles
BIKE: 19 miles

2015 TOTALS:
RUN: 31.6 miles
BIKE: 180.9 miles

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 – 1.5 mile RUN
Hodgepodge running day.  You grow to love these days as a coach.  Quick run over to Wetlands to check out the conditions there…no bueno.  Hard, rutted ice.  Ankle twisting heaven.  Back to Utah Park to measure out a 1000 meter loop.  At least had a decent idea of what would work.  Just ended up trimming down our 1200 meter loop to 1000.  Love running in this weather!

Wednesday, February 25,2015 – 2.2 miles RUN
Bring on the snow!  Sent the athletes out in decent conditions.  Light snow for the first 15 minutes…and then the front came through.  Finished the run with a 1 sided face-snow-beard…on the windy side of course.  Several athletes finished with newly whitened hair as the snow picked up.  Felt good and still enjoy this weather for running.

Friday, February 27, 2015 – 1 mile RUN
Quick run to map out the parking lot for our Mile Time Trial.  Quick 2 loops, which the kids promptly crushed me on.

Saturday, February 28, 2015 – 3×10:00 Tempo
Stats: Int1-131 bpm, Int2-139 bpm, Int3-147bpm
Felt strong.  Really enjoying this workout as a benchmark workout to track my growth.  Also discovered the Cyclometer App (https://abvio.com/cyclemeter/).  100 million times better than Strava Premium and only costs 5 bucks a YEAR as opposed to Strava’s 50+ bucks

Sunday, March 1, 2015 – 3 mile Snowshoe
Beautiful day outside of Ned.  Pictures to come later this week once I’ve cleaned them up.  PLENTY of snow up high.  Up to 4 feet in spots.  Just a quick hike up towards the Hessie trailhead until it was time to turn around.  Cross training is one of the most underrated parts of winter.  Snow is a close second…in the high country.  FREE THE ROADS!

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