Weeks 11, 12, 13, 14: Struggling to get back on track

Weekly Summary:
– Life got crazy…bad combination with returning from chest pain diagnosis
– Weather has been great for some longish rides
– Chest pain is confirmed: Stenosis and Forminal Narrowing between the C3-C4-C5 nerves

Monday (1/26): Off
Tuesday (1/27): 12.5 mile BIKE
Wednesday (1/28): Weight Room
Thursday (1/29):  3.9 mile BIKE/12.2 mile BIKE
Friday (1/30): 5.4 mile BIKE (Mass Transit Enduro)
Saturday (1/31): 1.4 mile RUN
Sunday (2/1): Off

Monday (2/2): Off
Tuesday (2/3): Bodyweight Core Lift
Wednesday (2/4): 13.2 mile BIKE/Weight Room
Thursday (2/5): 3.0 mile RUN
Friday (2/6): Off
Saturday (2/7): 3.4 mile RUN
Sunday (2/8): Off

Monday (2/9): Off
Tuesday (2/10): 11.7 mile BIKE
Wednesday (2/11): Off
Thursday (2/12): 2.6 mile RUN
Friday (2/13): Off
Saturday (2/14): Snowboard, Crested Butte, 11,249 vertical
Sunday (2/15): Snowboard, Crested Butte, 10,660 vertical

Monday (2/16): 2 mile snowshoe
Tuesday (2/17): OFF
Wednesday (2/18): OFF
Thursday (2/19):
11.6 mile BIKE
Friday (2/20):
Saturday (2/21):
20 mile BIKE
Sunday (2/22):

Week 11: 1.4 miles RUN, 33 miles BIKE
Week 12: 6.4 miles RUN, 13.2 miles BIKE
Week 13: 2.6 mile RUN, 11.7 miles BIKE
Week 14: 0 mile RUN, 31.6 miles BIKE

2015 TOTALS:
Run: 27.2 miles
Bike: 161.9 miles

Been traveling the last 3 weekends.  Columbus.  San Francisco.  Crested Butte.  Consistency in training has been challenging to say the least.  It doesn’t help that the weekends keep being 60-70 degrees and I’m out of town for them.  Now it seems that winter has finally arrived with 6 inches of snow on Monday and 12 in+ in the forecast for this weekend.  Guess its time to finally get the trainer out of the closet.

With this being a 4 week entry, I’ll focus on the highlights.

Friday, January 30, 2014 (https://www.strava.com/activities/248113753)
Christine was up in Vail so she had the car today.  My job was to get from the house in Superior to school in Aurora by 7 AM.  I left the house at 5 AM for a quick 1.5 mile bike to the bus.


The completion of Stage 1.


Urban road/mountain biking.

Everything went smoothly up to that point.  Got in early enough to make it to Starbucks for a drink.  Always a treat to explore downtown at 6 AM in the morning.  As I was riding back to the Convention Center station, I saw my train coming the other way so I knew I was good on time.  Within a few minutes, I was on it and heading southbound.


The train dropped me off in the pre-dawn darkness and I made my way on the familiar 2 mile path towards school.  Ultimately, the trip took 1:47 and was enjoyable.  However, it will not be happening on a regular basis.

Saturday, February 7, 2015 (https://www.strava.com/activities/251643054)

Had a few extra minutes in SF after dropping off C for brunch.  I hadn’t realized how close we usually stay to Lombard street so I ran a loop up the hill towards it and then down the coast.  It was the only gorgeous day of the weekend.  Felt great and was pleasantly surprised at how smooth I was able to climb up the hill.



Yup…it’s steep. Stairs down the side make it easier.

Interesting thing happened on the long downhill.  As I reached the bottom, my chest pain reached one the highest levels its ever been.  Enough to freak me out a little bit, even though I’m confident its a nerve issue now.  However, as a reflected back on the run, I began to wonder if the pounding on the long, concrete downhill had caused me to somehow compact the nerve or impact it enough to cause pain.  The pain eased after a little bit of walking.

Long downhill runout to the water.

Long downhill runout to the water.

Ran up and over Fort Mason and got a great view of the bridge on the way home.  Finished with a good sweat (we don’t get that very often in the dry Colorado air).


Tuesday, February 10, 2015 (https://www.strava.com/activities/253255307)
With the days getting longer, I’m finally able to start squeezing in longer mountain bike rides at Coalton.  Took advantage of the dry weather to complete the first “Triple Gate.”  Felt good to get 2 climbs in as opposed to the usual out and back.

Legs felt strong and had several PRs on the first climb.  Got blown up by a hardtail and took a little offense to it so I matched him for a little while and had a strong finish.  Couldn’t keep up across the top though.  Gotta build that pedaling endurance to attack the flats.

Beautiful sunset to finish it up though.  Can’t ask for anything better.

IMG_3602 IMG_3604 IMG_3608

Presidents Weekend
Got to enjoy one of our favorite Colorado towns in Crested Butte.  The snow was not great, but we were still able to squeeze in a few bump runs and get a decent workout in.  Either way, always nice to be outside!


February 21, 2015: 3×10:00 Tempo @ >150 bpm
Getting back in the groove of things now that the parents have booked their flights.  I had definitely fallen into a little bit of a rut with the travel and constant doctor visits for my chest.  Now that we know what the pain is, I’ve scheduled a physical therapy appointment (PT…my favorite!  Somewhere Mike and Jody are laughing).  Hopefully, we can get a handle on the pain, but for now, I’m committing to work through because it won’t get worse.

I ate this workout up.  Look forward to coming back to it in a few weeks.  Would have liked to get my heart rate closer to 170, but struggled to do so.

Hopefully we can melt off the 14+inches of snow (still have 12+ hours to go) and I can get some solid riding in outside.  The forecast doesn’t look good though.  Either way…Elephant Rock in 104 days, Leadville in 174 days.  Lets go!



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