Week 9 and Week 10: A Detour From the Plan

Weekly Summary:
– Summarizing 2 weeks because one turned into an off week
– Chest pain situation has a new lead…vertebrae/pinched nerves
– Mixed bag training wise, but closed with a very strong ride today (1/25)

Monday (1/12): 2.2 mile RUN+weights
Tuesday (1/13): Off
Wednesday (1/14): 5 mile RUN
Thursday (1/15): 8.7 mile BIKE
Friday (1/16): 5.3 mile BIKE
Saturday (1/17): Skiing, 10,291 vert.
Sunday (1/18): Off
Monday (1/19): Off
Tuesday (1/20): Off
Wednesday (1/21): Off
Thursday (1/22): Off
Friday (1/23): Off
Saturday (1/24): 8.5 mile BIKE
Sunday (1/25): 20 mile BIKE

Week 9: 7.2 mile RUN, 14 mile BIKE
Week 10: 0 mile RUN, 28.5 mile BIKE

2015 TOTALS:
Run: 16.8 miles
Bike: 72.4 miles

Monday: 2.2 mile run(https://www.strava.com/activities/240310296)
Legs we’re heavy, but nothing of note today.  Running is definitely getting easier!  30 minute lift (Lift Day 1) with my XC kids to close it out.  Core is rounding into shape.

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 5 mile run (https://www.strava.com/activities/241172471)
Notably faster than last time!  Took around 48 minutes on January 1…43 minutes today!  Not having to deal with a couple inches of snow definitely helped, but I will take the progress.  Legs felt strong climbing up the Superior side (9:45 for the climb).  Good exercise in mental toughness as well.  I’ve gotten a lot better at it when I’m on the bike, but seem to have lost a lot my confidence running to put my head down and climb.

See if you can find the lonely cow who wasn't allowed to eat...

See if you can find the lonely cows who weren’t allowed to eat…

Thursday: 8.7 mile bike (https://www.strava.com/activities/241575301)
Christine’s Loop.  Matched my time pretty closely from last time, but I was focusing on keeping my heart rate down (below 150 bpm) as the chest pain has been more consistent lately and I’m not sure what’s causing it.

Suburban view of Longs.

Suburban view of Longs.

Friday: 5.3 mile bike (https://www.strava.com/activities/241948339)
Hoped to ride Cherry Creek Bike Park, but the mud won this one.  Dilly dallied in the park for a little bit, but finally gave up and just did a little road riding through Cherry Creek State Park.

Saturday: Vail, Day 4 (10,291 vert. feet)
Great day of skiing.  Worked hard and made some improvements on the twin sticks!

Sunday: Off


Monday – Friday: Off
Had hoped to ride for a while on Monday with the 60 degree weather, but woke up to the worst chest pain in a while and a sense of weakness in my left hand.  Decided at this point to scrap the week and see if things improved.  Also got back in to see my doctor and with my vitals being strong (Pulse: 60, BP: 104/60, 99% O2) he shifted away from the heart and towards a potential compressive nerve in my C3-C4-C5 area of my spine.  X-ray somewhat confirmed and I have an MRI scheduled to fully confirm.

This makes a lot more sense to me as though nerves control everything that are my symptoms.  I’m optimistic for the first time in a while regarding this pain.  As it continued to progress, I was beginning to feel pretty negative about the upcoming season and getting worried that racing may not be in the cards.  Now that the heart is eliminated, I can trust my effort and develop a plan to improve the pinched nerve.

Saturday: 8.5 mile ride (https://www.strava.com/activities/245428296)
Reintroduction ride.  Felt OK, but man was it windy.  Forgot to turn Strava on until I got to the post office.

Sunday: 20 mile ride (https://www.strava.com/activities/246058062)
Talk about an emotional boost.  After the off week and the improved diagnosis, I was feeling optimistic and this ride was exactly what the doctor ordered.  60 degrees and dry on a beautiful Colorado morning.  I rode most of the ride in endurance, just spinning the legs out and enjoying being outside.  I actually had to talk myself out of heading into Boulder so that I didn’t over commit myself.  I felt fresh enough to attack the climb from Cherryvale up Marshall Rd and took 9 seconds off my PR (6:42) set a few days before the Leadville 50 in 2014.

All in all, excited to have a firmed grasp on what is going on with my body.  Looking forward to healing and getting stronger.

One of my favorite views in Colorado....coming down S. Boulder Road.

One of my favorite views in Colorado….coming down S. Boulder Road.

Mountains were looking great today!

Mountains were looking great today!

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