Week 7: Continue to build base, challenge myself on the running front

Weekly Summary
– Longest run in a long long time on Wednesday at 5 miles.
– Great variety this week with 2 runs, 2 bikes, and a day on the slopes
– Feeling confident going forward…getting excited and starting to think about time goals for Leadville

Monday (12/29): 2.7 mile RUN
Tuesday (12/30): 3×8:00 minute tempo BIKE
Wednesday (12/31):
Snowboard @ Vail -15,611 vertical feet
Thursday (1/1):
5 mile RUN
Friday (1/2):
Saturday (1/3):
30 minute BIKE/Trainer
Sunday (1/4):

RUN: 7.7 miles
BIKE: 21 miles

Monday: 2.7 miles (http://www.strava.com/activities/234313872)
New loop that I can easily stretch out to 3 miles through the Community Park with a good amount of soft ground.  Added on a set of Day 1 lifts in the weight room.  Hamstring is feeling clean, even with the snow.  Adding a nice bit of confidence to the running side of things and some motivation to really attack it in the weight room to keep it strong.

Tuesday: 3×8:00 minute tempo @ 160 bpm
Spiced up trainer life with my first higher heart rate workout of the year.  Felt strong and recovered from the day before.  Probably one of the faster trainer rides of my life mentally and I actually enjoyed it for once.


Wednesday: Snowboarding @ Vail (15,611 Vertical Feet) (http://www.strava.com/activities/235293694)
Holy leg burn.  First day off-piste.  Lots of leftover, heavyish pow.  Got the legs massively burning…counted it as a workout!


Thursday: 5 mile run (http://www.strava.com/activities/235436729)
Got ambitious and wanted to run in the snow.  Had Christine drop me off at Whole Foods and run home.  Thought it would be 4 miles or so but remembered halfway up the first hill that it was 3.5 miles from the gate at the top of the hill to home, so it was definitely going to be more.  Knowing it was my longest run in a while and with the 4 inches of snow on the ground, I took it slow and just enjoyed being outside.  My hips were sore from riding yesterday and the snow wasn’t helping, but I just kept looking at mountains and reminding myself that there is nothing better than being outside.

Getting ready to knock out some peaks this summer.

Getting ready to knock out some peaks this summer.

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 30 minutes easy (Trainer)
Needed an easy day of activity.  Put on some basketball and just pedaled around 120 bpm for 30 minutes with a good stretch and foam roll afterwards.  Opened the blinds at the end of the ride and it was dumping snow.

Sunday: OFF

Took my off day with Casey today.

Took my off day with Casey today.

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