Week 6

Switching to weekly entries because lets be honest, my training is just not that exciting day in and day out.  That’s the nature of training.

Week 6:
: Continue to build endurance base, stay as active as possible with holidays/travel

Weekly Summary: Feeling stronger, especially on the running front.  My hamstring still bothers me which is cause for concern, but I will continue to be diligent and build the strength up.  Feeling strong mentally as the chest pain has been fading, but definitely regressed with the poor diet and travel this week.

Monday (12/22): Travel day to C-Bus
Tuesday (12/23): 2.4 miles RUN
Wednesday (12/24): OFF
Thursday (12/25): 1.8 miles RUN
Friday (12/26): 3.4 miles RUN
Saturday (12/27): 2.5 miles WALK
Sunday (12/28): Travel day to Colorful Colorado
RUN: 7.6 miles (+2.5 miles walked)
BIKE: 0 miles (Boo travel)
TOTAL ACTIVE TIME: Approx. 2 hours

Tuesday (http://www.strava.com/activities/232143161)
Great run through the Short North neighborhood of Columbus as well as a bit of downtown.  Always enjoy exploring a city through running.  Also found that the Olentangy river is being re-routed as we had planned to run along the river, but found that to be impossible.

Hamstring felt OK, but legs were heavy from the flight and a late night the previous evening.  Mentally, felt great.  The change of pace brought new energy to the run.

IMG_3122 IMG_3123

Why don't we have bike work stations in Colorado?!  Brilliant!

Why don’t we have bike work stations in Colorado?! Brilliant!

Thursday (http://www.strava.com/activities/232718367)
It’s always been a long standing policy to do something active on Christmas.  No exception today despite the crummy weather.  It was quick, but just enough to get the blood flowing and help burn off at least a few calories from the night before.  I didn’t feel great, but the crappy Ohio weather did take me back to the days of Xavier!

Friday (http://www.strava.com/activities/233067455)
Percy Warner Park!  A personal highlight whenever we come to Nashville.  I learned to run in this park and instantly feel like a kid again whenever I get to run out there.  The trails are endless and the woods deep.  Christine has grown to love the park as well (how could she not?) and it is something that we make a priority.  Started off at Steeplechase today and took Candy Cane over to the Nature Center.  From there, we climbed to the top of the Old Abandoned Road and soaked in the vibrant greenness of the park.  From there, it was back to Candy Cane (the other side) and up to the top of Steeplechase.

Hadn’t ever done this specific route before, but it was a great combo of climbs and mixed the roads and trails well.  Gonna have to keep it in mind!

FullSizeRender-2 IMG_3193 FullSizeRender IMG_3169 FullSizeRender-1

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