December 13, 2014

On my ride today, I decided to start providing a more detailed account of my training in preparation for the Leadville 100 in August 2015.  I want to do this because the past couple months have been challenging emotionally and physically and it has been a challenge to establish confidence during the past 4 weeks as I returned to regular training.

Quick details about why the past few moths have been emotionally and physically challenging:

1. Very trying XC season that saw growth in the team and an increase in my time commitment which affected my training
2. New prep (US History) at school that has led to a time increase there as well.
3. Commuting 45 minutes each way via car has eaten into training time as well, especially as the days get shorter.  On the flip side here…I have trails out the back door!
4. Almost getting stabbed after asking an individual to leave our XC practice back in September.  Dealing with the court process and the emotional ramifications of this has been more challenging than I anticipated.
5. And most directly affecting my training, a chest pain/lung exposure problem that no doctor seems to be able to get a handle on.

With this being said, my goal here is to chronicle the challenges faced as opposed to the my specific training methods.  With that being said, I’ll take advice on any and all fronts.


Currently, I am in the stage of rebuilding my base as I get ready to progress into bigger/longer rides in the new year.  Today finished the first 4 week mesocycle.  The first 3 weeks continually built on each other and this week was a recovery week.  It was a busy week so it was somewhat disorganized, but it ultimately consisted of 2 runs and lifts and 2 rides.  The extra off day was spent regaining lost sleep.

Today’s ride took me from Bicycle Village in Boulder to Rockvue via Marshall Mesa/Coalton.

Marshall Mesa TH

It’s a great winter ride as it is usually dry and snow free.  Especially when it’s been 60 degrees all week.  I wasn’t feeling great as I started the ride.  Back to back 1 am bed times (which hasn’t happened since the party days of 2010) had taken its toll and I had to force myself to ride by driving to work with Christine.

It was aimless meandering for a bit as I worked out of Boulder and let my legs warm up.  Eventually, I picked up the bike path down Broadway to the Marshall Mesa TH.  I was feeling much more ready to ride by the time I hit the rock garden that starts the trail.  First time on the new bike (Trek Remedy 9.7) and it blasted right through it.  27.5″ wheels really are cheating.  And I’m OK with it.

Marshall Mesa TH

As I climbed, my confidence grew.  I have never completed the section from the Community Ditch Trail to the Greenbelt Plateau Trail without dabbing in either the rock section at the bottom or on the stairs at the top.  Today changed that.  As I hit the top and climbed the final big climb of the day, I felt confident and that I had grown a little bit as a rider today.

I hit the Greenbelt Plateau TH and headed over the rock garden trails towards home, setting PRs on those sections as well.

Beautiful day for riding.

Beautiful day for riding.

Unfortunately, heading up the High Plains trail, I got Stravassholed by some guy blowing by me, unannounced on a single track section.  I let myself get fairly pissed at his poor etiquette despite my inner protestations not to let it bother me, it did.  If you want a Strava KOM, don’t go for it on the weekend.  10 am on a Wednesday is a much better idea.

As I polished off the climbing for the day at Coalton/128 TH, I enjoyed the views of Longs and the Front Range in the mid-day sun.  It’s amazing how the mountains change with the time of day.  I’m usually racing the sun up here, and catching the sunset which hides many of the nooks and crannies of the Front Range.

I cruised down the familiar Coalton Jeep Road and headed home.  I was feeling passionate about riding and excited for the bump in training next week and used that energy towards a hand cleaning of Maggie.

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