Jasper Lake (June 8-10)

We got up high and we’re greeted to an amazing amount of green.

Caitlin and Casey get their first picture together!

We start to get into the big mountains!

In the above picture, you can see the general direction we’re heading in.  Our camping site is just to the left of the taller peak on the left side of the picture.

Shockingly green for how dry it was.

It’s June and Caitlin’s in snow!

We had heard rumors that the campsites were snowed in so we were a bit apprehensive when we got close, but skeptical as well based on the lack of snow we had had this year.  Once we started getting close to the lake, the occasional snow bank showed up, but we only had to cross a few.

We arrive at the lake.

After arriving, we set up camp and began to relax.  We pumped water and Christine got dinner going.  Casey occupied his time by playing fetch into the lake…which was not warm.

Best time of his life…until the next time he gets to swim.

Gotta get dry!

…and FIERCE.

We ate a delicious mac and cheese dinner with some black bean soup.  Funny how when you’re camping…everything tastes AMAZING.  With our bellies full, we settled in to watch the sunset with beers in hand.

The sun slowly sets.

Loving life being wet.

Looking east from our campsite @ sunset.

My version of the beach

Rocky Mountain Fords.

Casey and Caitlin get a little close.

And Casey is asleep

Gotta check out the other people too!

Caitlin and Christine headed to bed.  I stayed up for a bit longer to try and catch some sunset shots over the lake.  I was hoping to catch some stars but I fell asleep long before then.

It wasn’t ugly…

It may have been the windiest night of my life.  Even Caitlin found it windy…and she is from the Windy City.  It felt like we were above treeline with the howling but thankfully our tents were fairly protected and we didn’t get blown around too much.  We woke up the next morning to temps in the 20s…which we had not expected!

Casey was ready to roll long before we were the next morning.  Here he tries to lick me awake.

The lake at sunrise.

We made breakfast and decided to call off the loop to the ridge.  We had originally planned to loop all the way around the Devil’s Thumb ridge, but with the wind and cold we decided it was time to head back down for some hot pizza.

We head back down through the mud.

One last shoot of the Indian Peaks Wilderness

Caitlin enjoyed her visit and loved getting to be in the mountains in the summer.  It was great to show her true Colorado as opposed to just the crazy busy ski resorts.  Here’s to hoping she moves here soon!





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