Birthday Beer Tour

If the last one was a good bit below 14,000 feet…this one is WAY below it.  All the way down to Fort Collins actually.

For my 25th birthday, Christine planned a surprise birthday trip to Fort Collins where we biked from brewery to brewery.  Despite the fact it was searingly hot… Tennessee hot actually, it was a great day filled with great beers.  We took a few pictures but not too many.

Our first stop was Anheuser-Busch.   We were not impressed with the brewery or the tour.  Just another thing that Coors smokes AB in.  However, the history of the brewery is still quite interesting.

The old Bud delivery carriages

Bud Clydesdales enjoying a little mountain view.

Dalmation fire hydrant!

AB Logo

We laughed at how few of these products (1) we actually liked.

Smelled delicious in here. Fermentation!

After leaving AB, we headed on over to the park for a picnic.  Delicious as always!

From there, Christine and I biked to Funkwerks Brewery a little ways across town.  It certainly had a spunk to it with an extremely colorful building and some very interesting beers.  However, we walked away unimpressed.  Their beers resembled a poor man’s Dogfish Head in terms of their recipes and creativity.

Its time for tasting.

They did have a nice hop vine growing on the wall outside, so we decided that we needed a picture with it!

Hop to it!

After funkwerks, we headed to Pateros.  How Christine dug this one up is beyond me as it had opened only a couple of weeks prior.  Couple of fun facts on Pateros as it ended up being one of our favorites.

1. Cache la Porter – one of the best beer names I’ve come across and delicious to boot.
2. Found out shortly after, one of the families I babysit for went to high school with the brewmaster
3. Stimulator Pale Ale is absolutely delicious.
4. The brewmaster is also highly skilled in woodwork and his taproom reflected that with a beautiful bar/tables and tap set-up.

The sampler at Pateros. Notice the freshly cut wood.

Handmade taps at Pateros.

After Pateros, we headed out to Equinox.  It was also much more to our liking and had a good, earthy vibe in their tap room.

Equinox Sampler...Full of a wide variety of color!

Taster Guide. Our favorite logo of the tour, hands down.

Last, and probably least, we finished up the day at Coopersmith’s.  We were quite disappointed by the brewery to be honest.  Their beers were not that great and their food left a lot to be desired.  They did have the biggest taster though!


We wrapped up the day at the drive-in movie theater with a showing of Cars 2.  We thought that would be a fitting movie to see at the drive-in!

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