Crested Butte

Going a good bit below 14,000 feet for this one.

Over the July 4th weekend, Christine and I drove up to Crested Butte to bike and hike…ideally not at the same time because “hike-a-bike” is miserable.  I don’t carry the camera with me on our rides…mostly due to the fact that I’m not the best mountain biker and I like my camera in one piece, but I did take it on our hike up CB Mountain.

As this was a fairly tame hike, this will be a mostly picture entry with a few sentences dispersed in between.

View from the base of the mountain...beautiful day.

Christine and Casey trudge on up...this hike was steep!

Christine and I's first chair...Twister. Casey of course couldn't be left out.

We had originally contemplated backing Conundrum Hot Springs or something of the like in the area around Crested Butte.  However, we had heard that there was still quite a good bit of snow left in the mountains…and we wanted none of that.  Looking west, we had definitely heard correctly:

Quite an abnormal amount of snow to the left of Gothic Peak (Nearly bare mountain in the foreground)

Another shot of the heavy snow remaining to the west...usually at this point in time only the gullies and select areas of the mountains remain snow-covered. Coverage seems to be near 100% this year...remember its July 3rd!

Casey however, would have been quite content for a snowy backpacking trip it appeared:

Casey seeks out more snow to play in.

As most everyone who knows me knows…I’m a huge nerd.  For some reason I love discovering where the avy guns are at mountain resorts.  Some are easy, like the gun just south of Independence Super Chair at Breck.  However, we discovered one overlooking the Banana run at CB that was down a trail that would be fairly hard to discover in the winter.

Go ahead and make my day mountain!

At the top of the Paradise Chair, right underneath the Headwall, they had left the lift and run status board marked from closing day.

Closing Day

And lastly, but certainly not least.  Thanks to lovely lady that brought me out to this truly beautiful mountain town.

Christine and I just below the top of the Silver Queen Chair.


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